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About CCI Abuja

Celebration Church Int’l Abuja started in January of 2018. CCI Abuja is one of the branches of the global ministry led by our Lead Pastor, Pastor Emmanuel Iren. The church in Abuja is led by our Resident Pastor, Pastor Mayowa Sanni.

At Celebration Church International, our vision is to see all men celebrating endless life in Christ.

Under the ministry of our amiable Resident Pastor, CCI Abuja has grown tremendously, as we moved from having just one service to two services, almost a year ago. We have also recounted diverse testimonies as well as growth in our individual spiritual walk. Pastor Mayowa Sanni has been partnering with us in Abuja for our progress and joy of the faith.

Worship With Us

Worship with us

Are you in the city of Abuja and it’s environment? Please, join us at CCI Abuja.

Our services hold on Sundays by 8am and 10am & we meet on Wednesdays at 6:00pm.

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